Hand Written Digit Prediction Using Random Forest Model

Excited to share my latest achievement in the world of machine learning! I've designed a powerful Random Forest model for handwritten digit prediction. Leveraging the magic of data and algorithms, this project showcases my passion for AI and my dedication to pushing the boundaries of what's possible. Stay tuned for more exciting developments in the field of predictive modeling! Visit my project by using below URL !!

To Do List

Excited to introduce the to-do list I've meticulously designed! 🚀 This user-friendly tool streamlines your tasks, boosting productivity and organization. 📈 Stay on top of your goals and priorities effortlessly. Try it out today for a more efficient work and life balance. Visit my site by using below URL!!

Contact Form with Captcha

Excited to share my latest project: a robust contact form with built-in CAPTCHA, designed to enhance online security and user experience. 💡 I've meticulously crafted this solution to protect websites from spam while ensuring a seamless interaction for users. ✨ Looking forward to your thoughts and feedback on this innovative addition to web development! Visit my project by using below URL !!


Excited to introduce 'Take a Quiz,' a dynamic quizzing website I meticulously designed for all programming enthusiasts! Dive into the world of programming languages, challenge your knowledge, and level up your skills. Join us on this exciting journey of learning and self-improvement. Let's test your coding progress at Take a Quiz today! Visit my project by using below URL

Hotel Management System Using Python

Excited to share my latest project !!! I've designed a cutting-edge Hotel Management System using Python that streamlines operations and enhances guest experiences. With features like real-time room availability tracking, guest check-in/check-out management, and robust reporting tools, this system is a game-changer for the hospitality industry. Proud to contribute to the future of hotel management with technology innovation! Visit my project by using below URL


Excited to share my project: my personal portfolio website! 🚀 I've poured my creativity and skills into designing this platform to showcase my work and experiences. Explore my journey, see my projects, and connect with me for exciting opportunities. Visit my site by using below URL and let's connect!

Random Joke Generator

Add a little laughter to your day with my latest project: the Random Joke Generator! 😄🎉 Whether you're looking to brighten your day, break the ice in a meeting, or just share a laugh with friends, the Random Joke Generator has you covered. Try it out using the below link

Wikipedia Search Application

Exciting News! 🚀 I'm thrilled to share my latest project with you all: The Wikipedia Search Application! 🌐 In a world filled with information, we need quick and easy access to knowledge. That's why I've developed this user-friendly tool, making it effortless to search and explore Wikipedia's vast database. Technology Stack: Front-end: HTML, CSS,Bootstrap API Integration: REST API

Generative AI project -Chat bot

🚀 Excited to share my new Generative AI project! 🤖✨ I've built this mesmerizing project using various AI tools: 1. Google Colab: A cloud-based platform for running Python code with free access to GPUs and TPUs. 2. OpenAI: Leading AI research organization, known for advanced natural language processing models like GPT-3. 3. Langchain: A tool or platform aiding in natural language processing and understanding tasks. 4. Gradio: Easy-to-use library for creating interactive UI components for machine learning models. 5. HuggingFace: A popular platform offering pre-trained language models and NLP libraries.

Quizbowl trivia simulation written in JavaScript through a Discord bot

Discord bot written in JavaScript, able to replicate a quizbowl-style tournament by reading database questions line by line. Includes a leaderboard system, ability to play with multiple people, skip/next question, subject/difficulty/question count selection, and an answer evaluation system which accepts partial or similar answers.

Python Algorithms

Common algorithms written using python. Includes linear search, recursive exponent function, max function, palindrome checker, first and last algorithm, and 2 variations of an anagram algorithm.

def linear_search(arr, target): for i in range(len(arr)): if arr[i] == target: return True return False arr1 = [1, 4, 7, 8, 2, 3] print(linear_search(arr1, 30)) def exponent(base, power): if power == 0: return 1 return base * exponent(base, power-1) print(exponent(4, 3)) def max(arr): max = arr[0] for i in range(len(arr)): if arr[i] > max: max = arr[i] return max arr2 = [1, 3, 4, 20, 4, 5, 60] print(max(arr2)) def palindrome(word): for i in range(int(len(word)/2)): if word[i] != word[len(word)-i-1]: return False return True print(palindrome("anna")) def first_and_last(arr, target): start = -1 found = False for i in range(len(arr)): if arr[i] == target and not(found): start = i found = True if found and arr[i] != target: return [start, i-1] if found and arr[i] == target and i == len(arr)-1: return [start, i] return [-1, -1] arr3 = [1, 1, 1, 2, 2, 3, 4, 5, 5, 5] print(first_and_last(arr3, 50)) def anagram(word1, word2): if len(word1) != len(word2): return False first, second = {}, {} for i in range(len(word1)): if first.get(word1[i]): first[word1[i]] +=1 else: first[word1[i]] = 1 if second.get(word1[i]): second[word1[i]] +=1 else: second[word1[i]] = 1 return first == second print(anagram("gardenn", "danger")) def anagram2(word1, word2): if len(word1) != len(word2): return False res = [] for i in range(len(word1)): found = False for j in range(len(res)): if res[j][0] == word1[i]: res[j][1] += 1 found = True break if not(found): res.append([word1[i], 1]) for i in range(len(word2)): found = False for j in range(len(res)): if res[j][0] == word2[i]: res[j][1] -= 1 found = True break if not(found): res.append([word2[i], 1]) for e in res: if e[1] != 0: return False return True print(anagram2("garden", "danger"))

Python 1A Project

///Python 1A - Number and Text Manipulation Examples///

#1. Write a Python program that asks the user to enter their age. Based on the entered age, print the following messages: #If the age is less than 18, print "You are a minor." #If the age is between 18 and 65 (inclusive), print "You are an adult." #If the age is greater than 65, print "You are a senior citizen." #Once printed the option, tell the user when they will be in that specific age group. For example, if a user is 16, you will print out that the user will be an adult in 2 years. age = int(input("What is your age:")) if age < 18 : print("You are a minor") ge = 18 - age print("In " + str(ge) + " years you will be an adult") elif age < 65 and age >= 18 : print("You are an adult") e = 65 - age print("In " + str(e) + " years you will be a senior") elif age >= 65: print("You are a senior") #2. Write a Python program that asks the user to enter a sentence. The program should count and print the number of vowels (a, e, i, o, u) in the sentence.Once counted, replace each vowel with an underscore. #If the value of n is a vowel, add _ to sen. If the value of n is not a vowel, add n to sen. from replace import replace sent = str(input("Enter type sentence (please type in lowercase)//")) num = 0 a = "a" e = "e" i = "i" o = "o" u = "u" for n in sent: if n == a or n == e or n == i or n == o or n == u : num = num + 1 print (num) vow = ["a", "e", "i", "o", "u"] for n in sent: if n == a or n == e or n == i or n == o or n == u : print(n) for r in vow: sent = sent.replace(r, "_") print(sent) #3. Write a Python program that asks the user to enter a word and then prints the word in reverse order. reverse = "" word = str(input("Enter a word: ")) for n in word: reverse = n + reverse print(reverse)
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